Install Fonts

I explain the way to install fonts. You can intall fonts using yum command as follows. This is examples of Japanese fonts. You need to search for the fonts you need by yourself using search engines, etc. I tried this article on CentOS 7.

# Install Fonts
yum -y install ipa-gothic-fonts
yum -y install ipa-pgothic-fonts
yum -y install ipa-mincho-fonts
yum -y install ipa-pmincho-fonts

The fonts is installed on /usr/share/fonts directory. You can see the fonts using find command.

# Find founts
find /usr/share/fonts

You can see the fonts you want to see using grep command with find command.

# See the fonts you want to see
find /usr/share/fonts | grep ipa

An example of the output:


The files which have the extension ".ttf" are font files.

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