CentOS Server Construction

CentOS Development Environment Construction introduces the procedure for building a Web system development environment using Perl using CentOS. The ability to build scalable, real-time web-enabled web applications on Linux virtual machines is a feature of Perl web system development.

I will explain how to build a web server on CentOS, create a Perl web application, set up to connect from the web server with a reverse proxy, and publish it to the outside.

As of July 29, 2020, the version of CentOS has been confirmed on CentOS 7, but unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that it will also work on CentOS 8.

Package management

Redis Server-Volatile Data Storage Server

OS update

Application and library installation


Apache - Web server

Update information

CentOS related information

Information related to CentOS.

Linux server management

Click here to learn about the vi text editor, basic Linux commands, and how Linux works.

Linux distribution

Linux distributions that can be compared to CentOS include Ubuntu and Fedora, Debian, Rocky Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Scripting language

Scripting languages ​​available for CentOS server management include Perl and Python, Ruby and so on.

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